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Logi-App gives priority to freight traffic on Connected Transport Corridors

Together you go further

Logi-App further expands functionality by integrating with Dynniq’s Green Flow app and enters into a partnership with Navitrans.

Slowing down and accelerating takes a lot of time and a lot of fuel. Logi-App and Dynniq have entered into a partnership so that a driver does not have to do this as often. Dynniq supplies the Green Flow app that provides connections to smart traffic lights in the Connected Transport Corridors. Logi-App integrates this app into the system seamlessly. GVT Transport & Logistics, Dobbe Transport and Sluyter Logistics are already using this new option.

Connected Transport Corridors

Connected Transport Corridors, also known as CTC, is a national project in which governments and the business community work together. The aim of this project is to make road use more sustainable and to improve traffic flow and road safety with the help of automation and modern communication technology.

Freight traffic priority

Connected Transport Corridors use intelligent traffic control installations, smart traffic lights that communicate with each other. A transmitter in a truck sends out a signal that is received by the traffic lights. If there is no truck traffic on the intersecting road, the traffic light for the truck is turned green. If there is freight traffic, the traffic lights measure how many trucks there are and compare the numbers. The road with the most trucks will then have priority.

Partnership with Dynniq

Dynniq supplies the Green Flow app and the Logi-App provides the link with the Logi-App system. In addition, Dynniq provides up-to-date traffic information, such as traffic jams and diversions. Logi-App processes this information and the navigation automatically adjusts the route to avoid obstacles. By integrating with the Green Flow app and automatically adapting to the current traffic situation, the Logi-App ensures an optimal connection with the shortest possible travel time.

Partnership with Navitrans

Navitrans is a supplier of a well-known and valued transport management system (TMS). Logi-App and Navitrans have integrated their software and entered into a partnership. Logi-App registers all real-time information of a journey, such as the delivery time of goods and waiting times. In addition, the driver can also add information such as the condition of the delivered shipment at the time of receipt. Logi-App stores this information and also sends it to Navitrans TMS.

Quick access to new technique

Logi-App provides all the functionalities of an on-board computer via an app for mobile phones. That has great advantages. The old-fashioned on-board computer was developed as a closed system. Logi-App is an open system, it is developed as a platform for collaboration with other systems. As a result, the functionality can be easily expanded, while maintaining operational reliability and safety. Logi-App users can therefore rest assured that they can quickly use new possibilities: Logi-App is future-proof.