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Collaboration Logi-App and Navitrans for cost control and more efficiency in transport

Control in a turbulent logistical bustle

You have 150 vehicles and 300 trailers on the road every day, all on the road for different jobs. How do you ensure the most efficient deployment? It was clear to Van Dievel Transport: they started working with the Logi-App.

Van Dievel Transport is a family business that has existed for over 80 years and is located in Mechelen, Belgium, halfway between Brussels and Antwerp. The company provides various logistics services for a variety of clients, including scheduled services, shuttle services and dedicated transport. Clients have their own wishes and the services have their own characteristics, how do you keep an overview and control?

Customized app

Van Dievel wants to deploy its fleet as efficiently as possible and is therefore always looking for opportunities for improvement. That’s how they came across Logi-App, and that turned out to be a perfect addition. Logi-App has tailor-made their app for Van Dievel. As a result, all the different activities can be clearly controlled and monitored.

All logistics services

All operations of all services are processed in the same app, scheduled services, shuttle services, dedicated transport, and so on. You can see in real time what the status is, when the shipment was delivered, whether the documents have been signed and by whom the documents have been signed. Van Dievel knows the current status of all transports at all times, including those of chartered subcontractors.

Scaling effortlessly

One of the great advantages of Logi-App: it works on a mobile phone. Van Dievel hands a mobile phone with Logi-App to a charter and Kees is ready. That car is immediately in the system and Van Dievel can follow all activities in real time. Van Dievel can easily cope with peak crowds with charters. That can be done at any time. All you need is a mobile phone with Logi-App.

Grip on planning and execution

The use of the Logi-App is done in very close collaboration with Navitrans, Van Dievel’s TMS supplier. Van Dievel makes a schedule with Navitrans and the Logi-App shows how the schedule is progressing in real time. When and how long a driver has to wait to be unloaded, when and by whom is signed for receipt, where and when there is a delay in traffic, and so on.

Cost control and greater efficiency

As a result, Van Dievel knows exactly when a truck is available and can thus improve the use of the trucks. The data of the journeys provide detailed insight into the real costs. This allows Van Dievel to better coordinate the rates and substantiate the invoices.