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Discover Logi-App

The on-board computer that you can control yourself.

Logi-App offers a solution for everyone! Whether your company has 10 or 100 vehicles and whether you transport containers, bulk, refrigerated products, parcels or anything else, the Logi-App is ready.

The Logi-App combines a wide range of functions with the flexibility and accessibility of today’s hardware and software. This makes the solution accessible and affordable.Click for more information

Key functionalities

All functions listed below can be activated with the Logi-App on a standard Smartphone. How and when you use them is entirely up to the end user. They can be easily switched on or off, but also endlessly combined. We have customers who support several operations on one phone. In the morning a driver starts with a container ride, in the afternoon he is used for a distribution ride and in the evening his colleague drives for a large bakery. The Logi-App switches seamlessly between these activities without the user noticing.

Time registration

Extensive possibilities of activity registration give you insight into the work performed and are translated into a correct CAO calculation.

• Activity and time registration
• Driving and rest time registration
• Time registration overviews
• Integration with collective bargaining packages


Automatic download of tachograph data and through a link with the canbus on- and offline driving style assessment.

• Tachograph download
• Engine management integration
• Driving style assessment


Extensive set of functions for operational information and Track & Trace for you and your customers.

• Deviation registration
• Damage registration including photo
• Digital Document Module

Other functionalities

Multi-language; Real time integration with third party software; Fully secured use in combination with Samsung devices.

Barcode scanning

1- and 2D barcode scanning functionality during loading and unloading.

Charter App

Thanks to a smart variant of the Logi-App, charters can now easily participate in the entire process.