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Spaansen Groep chooses Logi-App

Ridderkerk 26-11-2018 – After an intensive selection period, the Spaansen Groep from Winkel has opted for the on-board computer app from Logi-App from Ridderkerk. The Logi-App is an important part of an extensive automation process in which all vehicles will be proactively controlled.

Spaansen is active in several areas such as raw material extraction and transport, production and transport of concrete prefab building systems, trade and transport of garden and paving articles. It has its own inland and seagoing vessels, several unloading ramps, a gravel mill, a concrete factory in Harlingen and various branches with garden and paving materials. Transport by road, for our own organization and also for third parties, takes place with a fleet of more than 100 vehicles.

An ICT project has been started to increase the effective deployment of all vehicles. All systems are set up in such a way that a dynamic interplay of order management, transport planning and vehicle information makes it possible to respond quickly to disruptions and requests. To achieve this, a flexible on-board computer system on all vehicles is an absolute necessity. The system must be able to support all activities of Spanish people. The Logi-App has proven itself through its flexibility and reliability on an accessible platform.

The Logi-App has been active on all vehicles of the Spanish for some time and the functionality of the app will be further deepened in the coming period. In addition to integration of the planning, Spaansen also uses other functions of the Logi-App such as time registration, download of tachograph data and driving style analysis.

Logi-App has been a provider of an on-board computer solution as a smartphone app since 2011.